We are the “Studio Für Körper­be­wusst­sein”. Our focus is on the human being as a holistic indi­vidual. We have created a place to strengthen your health through the harmony of body, mind and soul. We support you in setting and achieving your personal goals.

Because we are convinced that increased body aware­ness not only strengthens flex­i­bility and endurance, but also inner balance. We accom­pany you on the path to your strong center.


Pilates training supports concen­tra­tion, body control, centering and flex­i­bility of the muscles muscles and joints.


Shiatsu gently relieves cramps, brings about soothing relax­ation and mobi­lizes the body’s self-healing powers.


Gyro­tonic® is a holistic move­ment system whose partic­ular strength lies in the stim­u­la­tion of the entire body.